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The Rising Sun And Son At Dawn

Published by on June 2nd, 2021.

The Rising Sun And Son At Dawn

By Kushi Libi Isaac.

How did we get here to a point that someone in faraway outside the country will be leading a secesionist group to the point his words are sacrosanct to the citizens of that region? To the point he asked them to sit at home in working days and it was complied with?

Collective Conspiracy Of Silence.

In Nigeria, immediately after the civil war, General Yakubu Gowon set up a policy framework roadmap for the defunct Eastern region and called it 3R( Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation) how did he implement that? Did successive administrations both military and civilian implement that? No. Rather resentment for the Igbos became a state policy. They were shut from occupying sensitive positions of government and existing ones shortchanged.

The world recognized the damages of the halocaust and set aside day to remember the victims of carnage, the Nazis and by extension the German state tendered unreserved apologies to the whole world not just Jews.

But today, 3 million people died and no state apologies, no national day to honour those that died but rather we engaged in direct state policies to shortchange the southeast geopolitical zone.

The records are there for anyone interested to see the skewed distribution of federal projects against the southeast from 1970 to date and lopsided appointments that shortchanged them from 1970 to date.
We keep lying to ourselves that they’re the root cause of the problem bedeviling this country and at the same time the problem says he wants to go but you said no, you want to hold unto the problem of the country. What an irony.

The southeast after the civil war, because of their industrious nature embarked on self reconstruction of their zone which includes private citizens and communities building primary schools, clinics, industries, roads, bridges amongst other developmental strides and today they’re the region with the best GDP per capita with even distribution of wealth amongst themselves more than any other ethnic groups.
The Igbos apprenticeship program has raised more millionaires than any institution of learning.

Vacuum Of/In Leadership.

The vacuum in leadership in Nigeria gave birth to Nnamdi kanu to step in and become so relevant.
The utterances, body language, actions and inactions of the federal government at the center led by President Muhammadu Buhari can not be exonorated with what’s happening in southeast.
In 2015 when the president was asked in the USA how he intends to run an inclusive government he responded by saying that” in all honesty you don’t expect me to treat equally those who gave me 97% of votes with those who gave me 5% of votes.
And true to his words, he kept to his promises in that aspect.

Nnamdi kanu started mobilizing people by appealing to the conscience sentiments through propaganda, half truths and absolute truth,
When he was apprehended and facing trials, he was bailed and military invaded his house which he jumpbail and started broadcasting from outside the country.

He started losing relevance because of his Conspiracy theory of Jubril of Sudan as imposter president and not Buhari as the one presiding the affairs of this country.

Nnamdi Kanu’s relevance took center stage when the issues of farmers-herders conflict rose to Its peak from 2019 to date by poor leadership by the president where alledge herders rape, destroy farms, and invade communities with arms.
A feat that made Nnamdi kanu set up the Eastern Security Network( ESN) to defend the southeast against invaders and killers, the southwest set up the Amotekun.
This made people see him as a hero and defender of his people and made the government looks like their enemies because the suspected herders have never been arrested let alone prosecuted or jailed.

Failures of the state governors from Southeast is an issue that can not be wave off, they refused to empower the youths through employment, and critical infrastructural development are missing, they loot the resources coming from the center and still blame the government at the center by playing the victim card to the populace. This is a sheer hypocrisy and cheap blackmail that has been going on for decades in the southeast.

Possible solutions
My possible solutions are written in between the lines for everyone to see to avoid the carnage of 1967.

Let the president speaks directly to Nigerians not through press statement from media aides.

Let the president move out of the basement in aso rock, engage with the citizens state by state.

Wear different ethnic group attires like you did during the campaign.

Listen to dissenting views because they’re more patriotic than sycophants.

Kushi Libi Isaac



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